Wednesday, October 27, 2010


ONE MORE DAY!!!! I am so super uper duper excited for Halloween!!! Me and Brianna are going to dress up together. I am going to be Velma and Bri aka Vespula, is going to be Daphanie (not sure how to spell it) I get to wear a orange turtle neck, a red skirt, knee high orange socks, and big red shoes ha ha ha cute?? I know. ha ha Bri gets to wear pink tites and a purple dress with a gress scarf and pink boots or silver flats. She will look cute, I will look like.... hmm... a nerd. Oh did I mention my nerdy glasses that I get to wear?? Ha ha they are the best part!! They are big and black! I love it!! Anyways, I am really excited for it to come. HURRY HALLOWEEN!!

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