Sunday, August 8, 2010

Community Festival!

Me, Bri, and Alli
Velcro Aubrey!
Big hit?? Nope. ha ha! There was barley anyone there, but it was still a blast!! Me, Bri, Alli, Isaac, and Aubrey all walked over to Olympic Park thinking that there was going to be lots of people and games and all that fun stuff. But there wasn't. But that's okay we still had fun!! We got our faces painted and played on the bounce toys!! I got a fish painted onto my face. It was pretty cute! Isaac got spider man! His was awesome!! They also had this velcro bouncy toy and you put this suit thing on and jump into the wall and you get stuck!! ha ha it was the best!!! Well it was pretty fantastic!! We all had fun!!

New Blog

Well I got a new blog. I am not quite sure how I feel about this. I liked my old one but I can't get into it because I deleted my old Gmail account. ha ha way to go me. So now I get to start all over! I mean I am kinda excited to design a blog again, but then at the same time it sucks cause I put a lot of work into my old blog. Lets just hope I can make this one even cuter and more exciting to read! ha ha