Monday, September 6, 2010

Sleepover!! :)

Well ha ha man this makes me happy to think about ha ha so me and Bri had a sleepover and decided to dress up and do our hair and make up ha ha man it was so much freaking fun!! :) ha ha I had my hair in two piggy tails and had my hair all poofy and Bri had it in a side poofy ponytail! :) Way cute! the funny thing is that it was like our personalities put into our hair and make up ha ha LOVE IT!!! :) Then we took lots of pics.  Ha ha I love this part!! :) We set up a tent in my front room!!! Ha ha ha ha ha it was AWESOME!! We even set it up all by ourselfs ha ha I ended up not even sleeping in it though cause I was roasting and not comfortable, so if I wanted to get some sleep, I had to sleep in my bed, ha so I did :) It was so much fun!!! I loved it!!! :) Love you Bri!!! :)
Our tent! :)